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Accounting Consultancy

PS Tributación y Finanzas ha extensive experience in accounting consultancy services, as our team of professionals has in-depth expertise in relation to accounting legislation and accountancy practice.

Our services are aimed at ensuring that companies keep their accounting compliant with generally accepted accountancy principles and current legislation, for the purposes of each company faithfully reflecting the image of their assets and of their financial situation.

Our consultancy services guarantee compliance with current accountancy guidelines at all times and the implementation of tools that will assist in business decision-making.

Accounting consultancy services

As part of our accounting consultancy services, of note are the following:

  • Implementation of an Accounting Plan specific to each company and operational manual.
  • Sector-specific adaptations.
  • Implementation of analytical accountancy where necessary.
  • Handling accounting in accordance with the applicable Accounting Plan and related legislation.
  • Periodic tracking and reporting on adapted Financial Status of the company and/or sector.
  • Generation and presentation of Official Accounts to the corresponding entity.
  • Custody of accounting documentation, with due order and diligence, until their return to the client.
  • Preparation of special reports to be presented at Board Meetings.
  • Preparation, processing and presentation at Commercial Registry of individual and consolidated annual accounts (Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Shareholder Equity, Cashflow Statements.
  • Response on the part of the team assigned to queries about accounting matters formulated in writing or verbally. Our services will include, when requested, writing letters or reports relating to accounting matters in transactional operations.
  • Preparation of viability studies.
  • Assistance in the selection of management and accounting software adapted to the needs of the company. Likewise, at PS we accompany the client company in the implementation of new software to ensure this is done successfully and in as short a time as possible.