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Financial Consultancy

The finance department of PS Tributación y Finanzas encompasses services which range from advice for the implementation of an optimal financial structure, through to support or direct negotiation with financial entities in pursuit of outside financing, preliminary studies for financing of investments or restructuring of debts, etc.

Analysis of the financial structure of our clients, together with preparation of an improvement plan for their financial structure and the implementation of a cash forecast table, all form part of our services.

PS Tributación has extensive experience in providing financial advice to both companies and individuals which comes from, and is based upon, the management experience over many years of the department head in Business and Investment Banking, which involves in-depth knowledge of the criteria and guidelines governing financial entities in working capital finance operations, investments and refinancing.

The service provides an important added value when it comes to the study and planning of investment, financing and/or refinancing operations, in which it is vital to ensure the initial approach is correct for the purposes of achieving maximum credibility vis-à-vis the finance provider.

Financial consultancy services

In the field of financial consultancy, at PS we offer the following:

  • Financial diagnosis for the company
  • Viability studies
  • Study on the ability of the company to finance investments, improvement plans.
  • Analysis of alternative funding sources: mortgage, loans, leasing, renting, etc, providing a solution to suit each set of circumstances.
  • Analysis of debt restructuring.
  • Calculation of funding needs.
  • Help in negotiations with financial entities when it comes to seeking finance.
  • Study of financial-taxation profitability of investments.
  • Preparation of financial reports.
  • Business plans to be presented to tax authorities, auditors, etc.
  • Valuation of companies.
  • Preparation of financial information for voluntary bankruptcy.
  • Preparation of budgets and their periodic tracking, both from an operational point     of view and a financial point of view.
  • Preparation of subsidy documents.
  • Analysis of financial status of investment projects: acquisition of companies, businesses and others.
  • Analysis of the company's profit and loss account, breaking down fixed costs from variable costs in order to optimize resources.
  • Undertaking financial reports against claims, both at the behest of the company, as well as against the company.