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Legal Consultancy

Our legal consultancy department has wide-ranging experience within the world of business law. In-depth knowledge of the legislation and practice of the law allows us to provide, particularly in relation to companies, comprehensive advice within the diverse areas of practice within the firm, amongst which are the following:

  • Commercial and Corporate Law.
  • Insolvency law and insolvencies.
  • Real Estate Law.
  • Family-run companies.
  • Intellectual property

Commercial Law

In the field of commercial law, of note is the extensive experience of the legal department in:

  1. Corporate law, including services such as​
    • Constitution of companies and drawing up statutes.
    • Negotiation of pacts between partners or shareholders
    • Support in Boards of Director meetings and General Board Meetings.
    • Dissolutions and settlements.
    • Drafting corporate agreements and putting them on record.
    • Business restructuring (mergers and acquisitions, purchase/sale of assets, design of corporate structures, etc.)
    • Legal review or Due Diligence services.​
  2. Commercial contracts, offering drafting and negotiation services for all types of commercial contracts.

Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings

In the field of bankruptcy law, at PS Tributación y Finanzas we advise companies in difficulties so that they may make the most opportune decisions to restructure their business operationally or financially.

The legal department has extensive experience in participating in bankruptcy proceedings and provides advice on all aspects of insolvency and bankruptcy, particularly on whether to announce Voluntary Bankruptcy, communicate the start of negotiations with creditors, repercussions of such an announcement, review and analysis of contracts that may be affected by a Bankruptcy announcement, study and analysis of the responsibility of members of the Board of Directors, etc.

Real Estate Law

In the field of real estate law, we advise companies and individuals on all types of transactions:

  • Sale and purchase.
  • Leaseholds.
  • Surface rights.
  • Administrative concessions.
  • Real estate leasing.

Likewise, our services include drafting all pertinent documentation for such operations.

Family-run Companies

The firm's partners have extensive expertise in relation to Family-run Companies, specifically pertaining to their administration, management and succession, having mediated in the negotiation and drafting of family protocols, prenuptial agreements, wills and other shareholder pacts tending to regulate operational guidelines that guarantee the peaceful continuity of the family-run company.  

Intellectual Property

In the field of defence of intellectual property, the legal department acts within the following areas:

  • Patents and Trademarks.
  • Domain names.