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Support for management

The support service for management was created with companies in mind who, due to their size (SME's), do not find it viable to include on their payroll a professional dedicated to the economic and financial management of the company.

The reality is that this management can be outsourced, in such a way that the cost to the company is affordable and ultimately cost-effective because of the many advantages of the service.

Experience has shown us that most companies outsource a series of services such as taxation, accounting and legal advice, however this does not tend to happen when it comes to management support.

How many businessmen and women, experts in their field, would not be interested in a comprehensive advisory/consultancy service providing support to management, that could resolve a multitude of queries and problems that may arise during the course of their everyday work?

How many businessmen and women would not enjoy the opportunity to rely on the opinion of a professional expert before making an investment decision, or decision of any other type?

To this effect, at PS we provide a management support service that we know is of tremendous important for certain companies.

The service includes, among others, the following:

  • Initial meeting with corporate management to establish in-depth awareness of how the business is run.
  • Due Diligence on accounting, taxation and financial status of the company
  • Review of the company's accounting plan and modifications to same, where necessary
  • Analysis and viability studies for investment projects
  • Analysis of the company's financial structure and approach to restructuring should it be deemed necessary
  • Analysis of methods for calculating production costs
  • Analysis of client's commercial risk
  • Review and tracking of the company's commercial policy
  • Medium and long term business planning
  • Assistance in preparing a budget and its periodic tracking, as well as analysis of discrepancies
  • Creation of a monthly control panel for management, which will reflect the monthly progress of the company, and include information of interest to management.
  • Additionally, regular meetings will be held to be determined with management, as well as maintaining ongoing or personal telephone contact whenever necessary, in order to discuss any issues of interest.
  • Analysis of internal control procedures, strengths and weaknesses and of the IT system employed.
  • Drawing up viability studies
  • Assistance in the selection of management and accountancy software adapted to the needs of the company. Likewise, at PS we accompany the company in the implementation of new software to ensure this is achieved successfully and expeditiously as possible.

Our objective is to ensure that management is always provided with advice prior to any decision-making, to establish advantages and disadvantages of potential alternatives, and enjoys professional support for day to day problems.