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Taxation consultancy

PS Tributación y Finanzas has extensive experience in taxation advice for companies and private individuals. Our team of professionals offer a qualified and expert service in tax consultancy, covering all related matters.

Our distinguished experience and expertise in diverse sectors enables us to provide advice by applying specific knowledge in any given case.

The notable increase in requirements from the Tax Authorities has in turn increased the administrative workload for companies. At PS Tributación you will find a highly qualified team with expertise in compliance with tax obligations, which will help you to rigorously comply with and facilitate your relations with the Tax Authorities. In the same way, adequate tax planning will ensure better fulfilment of obligations and allow you to optimize your tax burden.

Fiscal consultancy services

As part of our taxation consultancy services, of note are the following:

  • General Taxation.
  • Ongoing taxation advice.
  • Tax planning.
  • International taxation. Tax agreements, advice on international transactions..
  • Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF).
  • Individual and Consolidated Corporation Tax.
  • Family tax planning: family inheritance, family protocols.
  • Advice and preparation of Tax on Inheritance and Donations.
  • Tax planning and advice for companies.
  • Advice on local taxes: Business Tax (IAE), Tax on Building Works (ICIO).
  • Transfer Tax (ITP).
  • Licensing Taxation.
  • Advice on customs taxes.
  • Transfer pricing. Manual of associated operations.
  • Checking values - regional administrations.
  • Regional taxes: Tax on Production, Services and Imports (IPSI), Idirect General Tax for Canaries (IGIC).
  • Fiscal due diligence.
  • Tax inspections: assistance and advice.
  • Corporate restructuring: mergers, excisions, acquisitions.
  • Advice on corporate operations.
  • Tax audits.